As with any professional service, be it a building trade, a lawyer, doctor, etc., you never know the quality of their work until you’ve actually hired someone, so it’s great to be able to read reviews beforehand, if possible.

I approached Marion to help me with artwork and a website for my book on the truths of fatherhood, "But Dad", for I had seen what she could do creatively with computer graphics, design and print. I also was impressed with a documentary which she wrote and produced about the Army Corp of Engineers during WWII.

I have dealt with Proud Daughter on a number of projects over the last two years.  Marion is extremely diverse and hard working. She is very patient and relaxed and seems to come up with creative solutions to things as they arise. I was so impressed and pleased with Marion’s positive input and creative suggestions, that I not only hired her to design and maintain the book’s website, but trusted her to handle the artistic design of the book, as well as take on the role of editor.

I could not have been more pleased with the final product, nor the continued support maintaining the website. She even helped set up various conduits in order to promote the product via Amazon etc.

Because of my positive experience with Proud Daughter, she was my clear and obvious choice, when we needed a logo and website for the newly formed musical act "Flow".  I and the other three members of the band are very satisfied with our decision, for Marion is an energetic and positive force.

In closing I would recommend Proud Daughter, LLC, to any one in search of the services which Marion and her company provide.

Jay Fiondella
Independent author
Semi-professional musician

"Thanks again Marion! Have I told you lately how much I enjoy working with you?? 'Cause I surely do. Have a great weekend!!"

Andrea - West Branch Creative Arts Association

My name is Joan Arnsteen, and I am the author of Socrates, Jesus and Freedom. My book was recently published on Amazon. Marion J Chard, owner of Proud Daughter Publishing, was my publisher and editor. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants a professionally edited book that will compete in the bookseller’s marketplace. She was highly recommended to me by another author, and her services exceeded my expectations in every way.  My book is a philosophical reflection about Socrates and Jesus, and I discuss some difficult concepts. Marion has the unique ability to take an abstract and complex concept and assist in simplifying the idea so that it is easily grasped by the reader. Her key ear for grammar, style, and syntax, and keen eye for spelling and content were invaluable in producing an error free book. As an author herself, she also has an awareness and interest in many subjects, and a passion for literature, that were reflected in her skillful editing of my book. Marion also designed the book cover, and the results are a very professional book cover that numerous readers have commented on. She achieved a very aesthetic book by researching and placing images within the book. She is also very friendly and cooperative, so that the book remained on track with both of our expectations. Marion is a very professional editor, and her creative work ethic gave me a finished book that is both very readable and aesthetic in appearance. I could not be more pleased with her services. I am working on my next book, and Marion J Chard, Proud Daughter Publishing, will be my publisher and editor. I highly recommend her services to any author who wants a professional, readable, and creatively finished book.